Stay Safe & Fit This Pickleball Season with Dr. Carmella Fernandez

  • Health & Beauty   •   November 30, 2018

Dr. Carmella Fernandez is a dual fellowship trained Orthopedic surgeon, specializing in nonoperative and operative treatments for the hand, wrist and elbow. She has an established private practice, The Fernandez Upper Extremity Institute, in Naples, Florida.

The sport resembles both ping pong and tennis and combines the two to form a fast-paced cardio packed challenge. Many developments in Southwest Florida have remained abreast of the trend and are incorporating pickleball courts into the recreation accouterments. What attracts many to the sport is not only its challenge of agility and strength, however, the team-oriented foundation also provides a social arena for many individuals.


Despite the wonderful attributes inherent to Pickleball, there are unfortunately many injuries that can occur in the upper extremity from both overuse and acute injury. The most common acute upper extremity injury is a fracture or break of the wrist. This typically occurs when trying to run backwards to return a ball and landing onto an outstretched arm. If you happen to injure your wrist playing Pickleball or any sport, it is recommended you apply ice to the area, however not directly on your skin, and seek an evaluation with a medical doctor. Often wrist injuries are ignored as simple sprains, only to discover weeks later when the pain persists, that there is a more severe injury.

In addition to acute injuries, overuse injuries are common with Pickleball. Both medial epicondylitis and lateral epicondylitis, better known as golfers’ elbow and tennis elbow respectively, can occur with the popular racket sport. These injuries are preventable through a daily stretching and strengthening program which can be performed in the comfort of one’s own home.

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